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  • english breakfast
    traditional robust black tea with light floral undertones
  • earl grey
    blended black tea infused with bergamot orange flower
  • darjeeling
    light + delicate with floral + fruity characteristics, high in antioxidants
  • russian caravan
    smoky black tea
  • french oolong
    delicious oolong with creamy vanilla
  • mother earth
    fabulous and aromatic, green rooibos infused with jasmin, vanilla and pear
  • peppermint
    refreshing as it is medicinal
  • sencha
    japanese green tea
  • chamomile
    calming and soothing
  • jasmine
    green tea infused with jasmin blossom
  • lemongrass + ginger
    with rosehip, rose petals, lemon
  • chai marsala (best with milk)
    tea blended with aromatic indian spices